Защитные накладки на бампер
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Как установить накладку на бампер

  1. Open trunk and attach strap ends to the carpet
  2. Center product on rear bumper and adjust straps. Product should always be positioned above the rear exhaust pipes. (Do not block the vehicles exhaust pipes)
  3. Before driving be sure to place product inside the trunk (do not drive with product attached). With the velcro straps still attached place the product flat inside the trunk
If Velcro does not adhere to the vehicle’s carpet, you can use the additional two velcro stickers provided. Attach velcro stickers to a clean smooth surface under the trunk carpet or another accessible area; the straps ends can then attach here. If your vehicle has a spare tire compartment in the trunk, you may drop the straps into the compartment and close the lid (Fig 3). The weight of the lid will keep the straps in place.
На заметку
If the BumperBully blocks your rear license plate you may cut out the center portion using a a razor. Use the raised edge as a guide.

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Оформи предзаказ со скидкой 20%

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